Nose for News

How do you get your news?  The local coffee shop or diner?  The printed newspaper?  Online news sites and news blogs?  Or the TV news? 

I like sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading the printed newspaper.  TV news is focused on drama and sensationalism.  I checked out 3 well known online news sites.  They were slower to load and navigate than my printed paper.  🙂  Fluff stories were very prominent and the news stories seemed less in depth.  The stories seemed all jumbled together and there wasn’t any local news. 

Now that I’m blogging and finding a wealth of information in blogs I’m ready to try online news again.  I’ll start with the online version of our local paper.  I like the format and they cover the local issues. And I’m going to check out the News Blogs on Word Press.  If I find that they just skim the surface of the hard news stories I’ll go back to the printed newspaper.


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