Warming to Wool

I’ve been taking my knitting everywhere I go.  You may have seen me in waiting rooms or at children’s events sitting and knitting.  In cotton.  Lovely things with lovely colors and texture.  We’ve had another unseasonable cold snap and folks have suggested that I start knitting blankets.  Instead I’ve simply switched to wool.  Wool has a wonderful nubby yet elastic feel to it.  I’d forgotten how nice wool can be, and how much warmer I feel when knitting a larger wool item.  Once this item is knit I will felt it.  Felting cannot be done with cotton.  Felting opens up the wool fibers and they mat together.  It will shrink and I’ll have a dense and sturdy material.  If you’ve ever ignored the “Dry Clean Only” labels on your wool items you may have accidentally felted an item, ruining it in the process.  Felting provides some protection from icy sprays of saltwater, so some sweater patterns in traditional fishing villages require felting.  Until we move into Summer’s warmth and humidity I’ll be knitting and felting some larger items for my ETSY store.  Felting is fun, as long as it’s done on purpose!!  🙂


About All Unwound

Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! All Unwound's FAN page Facebook.com/AllUnwound
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