Time Enough?

These past two weeks I’ve been knitting one item.  It’s very large.  It will be fulled…so it will shrink by about half.  But the knitting takes time.  My husband says it’s not a good item to sell in my ETSY store, based on how long it’s taking me to complete it. 

Unfortunately my mind is already dreaming of the next set of colors I will use with this pattern.  Hopefully my fiber dreams can be combined with a solid business decision!

I’m really looking forward to the fulling process…and wondering just how much this yarn will shrink.  Fulling is when wool fibers are heated and agitated and they shrink and interlock become a dense fiber.  Sometimes an item is lightly fulled and the stitches still show.  Other times it is fulled so that the stitches are no longer visible.  This process is often referred to as felting.

If I love the fulling process and the result I may create a smaller pattern that will be easier to knit up quickly.  It all depends on how much it shrinks.  I’ll update you on this next week!


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Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! All Unwound's FAN page Facebook.com/AllUnwound
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