Viscious Cycle of Technology

I’d like to add photos to my blog.  Crisp clear interesting photos that capture your attention and make you linger at my blog.  So I researched all of the different photo hosting sites.  Many are great for uploading and printing photos but don’t have the features that bloggers want.  So I joined Flicker and went through 12,000 screens of settings to set up my account.  {Yes 12,000 is an exageration!}  Part of the reason I picked Flicker is for the privacy options it offers, hence all the screens of options.  For instance, I want the public to be able to view my photos, but not be able to assign tags to my photos. 

Now all I need to do is upload some photos to Flicker.  How hard could that be?  My camera has an SD card.  My computer has a USB slot but not a SD card slot.  I have an SD to USB hardware item.  It needs software to work.  That software isn’t on my computer and couldn’t be found online.  So, off to another computer that does have an SD slot!  Once the photos are uploaded I copy them to a USB and then upload those to my computer.  Once they are on my computer I upload them to Flicker.  Gosh computers have certainly made life easier!!!  😉

Software, Hardware and their Applications are changing all the time.  It’s really hard to keep up.  Since my camera, computer, software, Internet connection and photo hosting site all need to be compatible; it has become a Viscious Cycle.  To participate fully in the folksy handmade world of blogs and ETSY I need to be fluent in SD card, USB, photo hosting, and computer software.  It’s enough to make me want to lock myself in a technology free room with my spinning wheel and roving.


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