Knitting Basket UFOs

Knitting Basket

Originally uploaded by Artisan All Unwound

I had a basket sitting in the living room filled with leftover yarn and unfinished objects (UFOs) and knitting accessories and yarns. The project on top was a lovely color, but unfinished. It was folded so it would look nice in the basket.

Then I lost a ball of yarn. Part of my stash that I’d begun a new project with. I searched through all of the places that I store yarn. I completely emptied that basket.

I never found the lost yarn. I had to go out and buy yarn. None of the many many hanks and balls of beautiful yarn I had would work for the project. SIGH

I’ve emptied and sorted that basket. Packaging the leftover yarn from projects with other wools or cottons or blends. They are now stored in a less visible location. I finished the project I needed the lost ball for. I completed two yarn basket UFOs!! Then I restocked the basket with the remaining unfinished projects.

I’m thrilled with my progress and hope to get to those intricate UFOs sometime this year. In the meantime I’ve started a new easy project.


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