Flickr Review

Flickr by Artisan All Unwound
Flickr a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

Flickr is an online photo and video sharing site.

If you have a few technical skills but aren’t working in a technical field or attending MIT this review is for you. I am new to blogs, photo sharing sites and ETSY. I don’t consider myself to be technologically sophisticated. Probably because I hang out with a bunch of folks that are.

I have found Flickr to be easy to use. I was able to sign up for an account, upload photos and post photos to my blog without asking anyone for help. Adding a custom Avatar in Flickr was VERY easy!!!

Part of it’s ease of use is the ability to change what you’ve already saved. For instance…photo titles that you’ve saved can be revised just by clicking on them.

Photos really enhance blog reading and Flickr makes adding photos to your blog easy. Flickr has a drop down menu that lets the user post a photo to their blog. No typing in URLs required. Simple simple.

The Help/FAQ section seems just OK. Once I’m in help the “search feature” isn’t always set to search help, so I get photos. Sometimes it is set to search help. A bit random and wonky.

I also find that the “slide show” option is way to slow for me. I can click thru a bunch of photos before it even brings up the first one. Perhaps this says more about my lack of patience than Flicker?

I still have more to learn about Flickr but I think it is a great site for bloggers to store their photos on. I would recommend it.

The only negative is that I had to sign up for a yahoo account. Now I have another email account to check. If I ignore it for four months they will delete my account. So more technology to manage.


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