I Cord

I cord  by Artisan All Unwound
I cord , a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

Yes I cord NEEDS a whole blog post about it! When I decided to knit an I cord handle for my recent felted bag I searched the Internet. I found photos and videos of how to knit I cord, but not information on whether it is a good handle choice and how much it felts up. The only real text I found about I cord complained about the many hours it takes to knit. As a child I did some spool knitting. Spool knitting gives you I cord. I remember it being easy, quick and fun. Maybe I just have an aptitude for I cord!

Using double-pointed knitting needles 6 stitch I cord knits up at the rate of 1 inch of I cord per minute for me. This method comes out flatter than the spool knitting. Making the I cord easy to sew onto the body of the bag. Once felted it does round out, and the I cord becomes shorter, 33% shorter using Paton’s Classic Wool. I think it will stretch out a little with use. So try knitting up some I cord it’s fun and useful.

How to: Using double-pointed knitting needles cast on 4 or 6 stitches, depending on the thickness of the tube you want. Do not EVER turn the work. Simply knit to the end then slide the stitches to the other end of the dpn and knit again. Tug on the tail occasionally. Do not EVER turn the work. Repeat until the I cord is as long as you desire and then bind off. See that’s simple and fun! Remember it will round out if you felt it and lose 33% of its length depending on the yarn you use. I used Paton’s Classic Wool.


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