Traveling with I Cord to create stripes

I Cord Stripes  by Artisan All Unwound
I Cord Stripes , a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

I am sure that I just invented a new thing in knitting! Knitting is THOUSANDS of years old, and there are no new things in knitting. 🙂 I cord is a case in point. It’s invention is credited to Elizabeth Zimmerman but written directions for I cord can be found in books from the 1800’s. It simply had another name, fell out of fashion and was forgotten.

This evening I knit 4 stitch I cord. I did it in stripes and had the yarn travel. I didn’t want to keep cutting the yarn each time I changed colors and then have all those ends to weave in.  So when I changed colors I just dropped the color I was using and picked up the next color.  At the end of each row I twisted the color I wasn’t using to be sure it was inside the tube when the when the “closing” stitch came around.  This sounds simple but requires much more coordination than knitting regular I cord.  Now that I’m two-thirds of the way done I’ve gotten the hang of it, but I’m not  anxious to do this again.  The crucial things are; I do not have ends from color changes to weave in and all of the traveling yarn is enclosed inside the I cord. 

Knitting I cord with only one strand of yarn is much easier.  Check out my How to Knit I cord for tips.  The yarn used in that project was variegated so it gave a stripe effect with no extra effort!  Once you master that you can move on to Traveling with I cord.


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One Response to Traveling with I Cord to create stripes

  1. Janice Webster says:

    Thank you for this..I am making cup cozies that are animals and couldn’t figure out how to start a hoof with one colour and finish with the leg another. Your instructions help so much. Thanks again.

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