Misadventures in Felting!

What is it!   by Artisan All Unwound
What is it! , a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

What is it? A mushroom or an old gnarled oak tree? Sometimes my knitting and felting adventures don’t take me where I planned. Before felting items need to be knit. (Yes that’s really called fulling but hardly anyone calls it by its correct name!) I’ve created my patterns based on how much I expect the yarn to shrink during the felting process.

Great right? Yes as long as I use similar yarn and felt for the same length of time.  All of my bags I felt heavily wanting the thickness and durability that brings. So when I want to do some fancy stitching and have it show….I have to felt lightly. This wreaks havoc with the result.

The item in the photo above had to be heavily felted because it was WAY too big after being lightly felted. So I lost the fancy stitching which took me extra time to do. And it turned into a bit of a misshapen mess. Ah well, it looks very artsy fartsy and I’ll manage to salvage it somehow. Or just pretend that that’s how I wanted it to turn out. LOL

So do you know what it is?


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