Peace Fleece by Halcyon

Well I have a bunch of Peace Fleece leftover from another project…so I decided to knit it up and felt it.  Cause felting is what I do.  {Also known as my current obsession!}

The yarn is called Blueberry Borscht.  It’s got some navy blue and some violet and chunks of hot pink.  A pretty yarn that darkened and got very very fuzzy once felted.  It’s made by Halcyon out of wool from Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the US.  Their web site says it’s 70% wool and 30% mohair.  I bet that all of the fuzz is really the mohair showing off!

I’d forgotten how I can feel the lanolin in it as I knit.  It starts out scratchy but once washed it softens.  BUT felting is not something it does well.  My previous project was unfelted and came out beautifully.  This gift card holder had to be felted several times before it really “took.”

I have several unopened skeins of this and may end up have decided to “destashing” them in my Etsy store.  I’m just so into felting right now and this is hard to felt.


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