To blog or not to blog

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WordPress, a photo by Adriano Gasparri on Flickr.

That’s one of the hot topics today in the Etsy Business Team forum.  The consensus is that you shouldn’t feel you  “have to” blog to be a successful seller.  In fact if all your blog is about is your new listings it really isn’t a blog.  You should only blog if you like to write or share your ideas.  If it’s torture stop!

Personally I do enjoy writing but am still getting used to the blog format.  I wonder how long or short each post should be and how detailed I should be.  And what do you really want to know anyway?    I think that it helps to have a general outline for the month of what you want to blog about.  I like having a financial blog post each month.  Finances are something that all of us have an interest in.  Food is another thing we all seem to be interested in, so I will post another recipe soon.  I also plan to continue to post about my adventures in knitting, felting and crafting.

I think that photos are an integral part of a blog.  I’m glad I figured out how to use Flickr and how to post photos to my blog.  But not every photo I’ve taken for my blog has made it here.  I took a few photos for Crock Pot Secret Recipe that were awful photos, so  I didn’t post them.  I’ve recently started using a photo editor so that should help my future photos.  There is a photo that I’m thinking about posting…but the background might invite criticism.  So I’m thinking long and hard about that one!  🙂


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