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Fiber, texture and hand spun 2 ply

I’ve been cruising the Internet checking out knitting and spinning and fiber blogs.  I’ve read that “blog rings” are old-fashioned and the way to find blogs you’d like is google.  If you do a google search and then click “more” on the left side of the screen you will be able to click on “blogs.”  I’ve found a lot of sites that aren’t about fiber spinning that way, guess I’m old-fashioned I prefer blog rings.  So instead, I’m on the lookout for names and locations that seem familiar.  I’ve bought fiber from several different farms in the past so I’m checking to see if they have blogs.

I did find out about a weekly meetup at my favorite coffee shop.  I don’t live in that town anymore.  Makes me wish I did!  I’d love to grab a cup of coffee and knit there every Thursday night.  Even if it’s all new people.  Knitters tend to be a welcoming group. 

If you check “BLOGS worth your time” on the right sidebar you’ll see that I’ve listed a spinner from Germany, Weird and Twisted.  She’s got some very cool arty stuff.  Check her out.  I also have Mary Fish’s Blog listed.  She makes very cool cards with rubber stamps in a clean style that appeals to me.  And since I consider paper to be a fiber I’ve included her.  Check out her blog, Stampin Pretty.  Eventually I’ll post a few other unique artists.


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