Journey of Self Discovery through Keyhole Scarves

Keyhole scarf showing it's ends!

Do we discover ourselves as we journey through life or create ourselves?

I realized today that while I am a very consistent even knitter the cast on end of my scarves and the next few inches are always a bit wider than the rest of the scarf.  This comes as a suprise…because well my knitting is SO even when I do a sweater or a wash cloth or a purse.  Maybe scarves are this way for everyone?

Making my own patterns involves a lot of “trial and error” that’s why the first item I knit in a created pattern is frequently field tested by me.  I don’t sell or gift the really quirky items.  I just revise the pattern till the annoying quirks are gone.

So I knit too far and had to rip out a few rows…while it was wrapped around me.  Using a mirror to judge the length, while unknit yarn wrapped around my body.  I almost stabbed myself with a knitting needle.  Part of the problem is that I’m knitting from both ends of a ball of yarn!  Of course I didn’t have a camera or a free hand to document this. 

Now I’m trying to decide if I want to rip it back further and move the keyhole so that I can make the whole thing longer.  A quick internet search and I find my Keyhole Scarf is already longer than most available.  Huh.  Maybe my neck is larger than everyone else’s?  Or I prefer a slightly longer scarf that tucks nicely under my coat.  Or everyone else is making Neckwarmers and calling them Keyhole Scarves!

As soon as I bind off and weave in the ends I’ll start knitting another one for my shop, AllUnwound.


About All Unwound

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