Array of Talent Etsy Treasury

Two Hand Knit Ecru Spa Wash Cloths

All Unwound’s Etsy shop has had another item selected for an Etsy Treasury.  My hand knit Ecru Spa Wash Cloths.  Knit in a fancy stitch to provide gentle exfoliation.

The Treasury is called Array of Talent.  Please check it out, there are many lovely items in it.

A Treasury is a collection of items that all go together due to colors or theme.  It’s really a collection of favorites by the creator of the Treasury.  Etsy is an online site that has shops selling handmade items and supplies.  Many quality hand crafted items can be bought there.  My Etsy shop is All Unwound.

I view Treasury inclusion as confirmation that I’m making quality attractive items.  This is the eighth Treasury that All Unwound has had items featured in.  Thank you Etsians for all of your support.  I appreciate being warmly welcomed into this hand crafting community.


About All Unwound

Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! Please FAN All Unwound on Facebook
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