Mobius Scarf Pattern Creation

Finished Scarf Wrapped around a Basket Head

I have seen a few Mobius or continuous scarves and decided I’d like to knit one.  Of course I wanted to create my own pattern and thought looking at other people’s patterns or videos first would be “cheating.”

So I happily did the math and figured out how many stitches to cast onto my circular needles.  Then I knit away in my desired pattern, finding it annoyingly twisty.

Once I cast off and had family members try it on I realized that I’d added an extra twist.  That made the knitting harder and the scarf much smaller around the neck.  If I had planned on an extra twist I would have cast on more stitches.

Ah well, I like the basic pattern I created and think the circumference will be just right once the extra twist is taken out.  I guess the pain of ripping it out and then untangling the twisted ball of yarn makes this truly my own pattern.  Of course I have already started finished with the knitting of the corrected scarf.

Took some time out and checked out some Möbius patterns online.  They are totally different from the way I came up with my scarf.  I don’t know if I should be proud of my pattern creation skills or very afraid of my twisted scarf.  It seems my pattern cannot create a true Möbius if one is ideologically mathematically pure, but I am looking forward to knitting another one!  For more photos of this scarf check out my Etsy site,  All Unwound.


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