Prepping My Upright Freezer for a Hurricane

Prepping my upright freezer for a hurricane isn’t something I do very often.  This year we are several months into hurricane season and haven’t had any major hurricanes in the US.  Meteorologists have predicted record breaking hurricane activity for the past 2 years.  This conflict between the TV weather people and reality has most folks ignoring hurricane preparedness.

Nearly empty freezer but with very old bottles of water in it

Unfortunately being prepared means preparing before a hurricane is hours away from hitting your town!! So in preparation for hurricane season my family has eaten most of the food in our upright freezer.  I’ve heard of folks with fully stocked freezers losing everything when the power goes out for days or weeks after a hurricane.

So a nearly empty freezer is the best thing right!?  No not true.  A freezer uses energy  most efficiently when it is full.  The best money saving option is a full freezer.   I took everything out of my nearly empty freezer and wiped down the inside and filled it right back up.  No, not with expensive cuts of meat and roasts.

The best way to fill a freezer for hurricane season is with gallons of fresh clean drinking water.  According to the National Weather Service site,  you should store one gallon of water per person for each day without water.  So a typical US family of four would need 12 gallons to make it through three days without water.  If you have more people living in your home you’ll need more water.  It doesn’t need to be refrigerated or frozen but storing  it in your freezer is a perfect way to increase the efficiency of your freezer.  Just make sure you have a few gallons that aren’t frozen, for the first day without power.

Don't ignore the freezer door! Bread fills it up and can be used over a long period of time.

Other good items for filling up the freezer are things you can cook on your outdoor grill. If you lose power you’ll be cooking on your grill.  We’ve served seasoned chicken breasts at more than one hurricane party!  Hamburgers would cook nicely too. Frozen vegetables and roasts don’t defrost and grill well, so only buy a weeks supply of those and use them promptly during hurricane season.

I sure hope my exciting freezer photos have gotten you motivated to prepare for stormy weather!! Or at least to think about what’s lurking under the frost in your freezer.


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