On My Knitting Needles; Fingerless Gloves

Chelsea Silk a Silk Wool Blend on Double Pointed Needles

I’ve got two pair of Fingerless Gloves listed in my Etsy shop.  Both of those are knit in chunky or bulky wool blend.  People like them, but we all need variety.  I’ve been wanting to knit a pair of lighter lacier Fingerless Gloves.

All I need to do is find the right yarn and the right needles and create a pattern.  Sounds easy right!?  It’s actually been kind of painful.  I have this picture in my head and so far none of my attempts look anything like the picture.

Here is my latest attempt.  The yarn, Chelsea Silk,  is 65% silk and 35% wool.  The ribbing is open and lacy…well it just looks sloppy really.  Zoom in on the photo and you’ll see what I mean.  I prefer the look of the stockinette stitch.  What I’ve learned is that larger needles combined with less elastic yarn give a sloppy look rather than the open look I’m going for.

So I will Frog this and reknit the ribbing with needles that are a smaller size.  I need to use ribbing at the wrist to give the gloves some extra elasticity since the yarn is mostly silk.  Silk doesn’t expand and contract the way wool does.

While I really like the look of this yarn in stockinette stitch the picture in my mind is demanding some lace or open stitch work.  Stay tuned to this blog and you will eventually see some light lacy Fingerless Gloves.  Disclaimer; there won’t be any actual lace involved.


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