Yellow Tomatoes from Farmer’s Market

Yellow Tomato From the Local Farmer's Market

This weekend I bought some leaf lettuce and yellow tomatoes from the local Farmer’s Market.  Yes, yellow.  No, they won’t turn red.  Yes, they are ripe.

For that night’s dinner I chopped up one of the tomatoes, tore up some lettuce and added taco meat and shredded cheddar to them.  Rolled all of that up in a flour tortilla.  Yellow Tacos Minus the Corn!

The mild leaf lettuce and tasty yellow tomatoes gave the tacos a new fresh taste.  Plus I’m so impressed that we bought locally grown food and used some of it right away.  Grocery store vegetables tend to sit in refrigerator a long time.

These veggies were well priced too!  So it was a money saving and health boosting adventure.  Do yourself a favor and check out your local Farmer’s Market and use the produce to give your old recipes a new twist.


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