The Yarn becomes the Star

Quality yarn can be the star of a knitted project or can look blah in the wrong pattern or stitches.  I’m struggling with pattern creation again today.  Ripped out a bind off that didn’t really have the look I wanted and redid it.  Now I’m happy with the bind off but the project still looks blah.

Usually my problem with new patterns is that I can visualize exactly what I want and the knit project doesn’t look like the picture in my mind.  Today’s problem is different.  The size and function of the item are good, but the look is just unattractive.

The stitch pattern doesn’t show off the good qualities of the yarn.  This is a tweed yarn with very subtle colors.  The pattern and stitches don’t show this off.  So I am setting this project aside and creating a new pattern just for this yarn.  I know this yarn can look GREAT.

Great looking Cabled Cowl!




Here it is!!!  A ribbed and cabled cowl neck scarf.  This pattern is interesting but doesn’t take away from the beautiful tweed of the yarn.  It’s amazing to see how different a yarn can look in a different pattern.  No, I won’t be showing you a photo of the blah pattern.  🙂


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