Wild Rooster Struts into Suburbia!

Wild Rooster Struts into Suburbia

Wild rooster struts into suburbia!  He is big and struts just like a cartoon rooster.  His beautiful tail feathers end in a curl.  Obviously he’s king of the roosters and chickens.

This is the first time I’ve seen a rooster in my backyard.  He’s so well fed and well-groomed I wonder where he’s come from.  Definitely an oddity since I don’t live in the country.  Yup this fine specimen of rooster hood has wandered into my suburban backyard.

I’d like him to stay in the area and eats up all of the bugs we’ve had lately.  Here’s hoping my overly suburban neighbors won’t call animal control and have him removed.

Tail Feathers!

I took these photos through the glass of my kitchen window since I didn’t want to risk scaring him by going outside.  Here is a blurry shot that shows off his tail feathers.   He really is beautiful!

Some towns have wild chicken festivals! Even if half the town would like to get rid of the chickens!


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