Prepping My Pantry for a Hurricane

Prepping your pantry for a hurricane is something that can be done before hurricane season or once a hurricane has formed.  It looks like the East Coast of the United States will have a hurricane this Thursday or Friday.

Rather than wait till Thursday afternoon I prepped my pantry on Tuesday.

You will probably lose power if you are near the path of a hurricane.  That means you need to buy items that can be safely stored without being frozen or refrigerated.  And you must be able to eat them without cooking them.  That means boxed and canned food.  Crackers, peanut butter, nuts, individual serving sizes of applesauce or pudding.  Juice boxes rather than cartons of orange juice.  Buy items that your family has eaten before.  If you don’t need them during hurricane season you can eat them throughout the year and then restock next season.  Here’s what I bought.

Chicken, Ravioli, 3 Bean Salad and Fruit Cocktail are on the menu if our power goes out.

Remember my post Prepping My Upright Freezer for a Hurricane?  In that post I noted that you need some water to be unfrozen, for drinking, before the water in your freezer defrosts.  Sure you could take water out of your freezer and sit it out to defrost.  But every time you open the freezer door you shorten the life of the food in your freezer.  A full freezer can keep the food cold for 48 hours…if you don’t open the door!  Find information about food safety during a power outage or emergency from this USDA Emergency Preparedness Fact Sheet.

So I bought some extra water.  If you ‘d like more details on how to prepare for the hurricane the National Weather Service site has a Disaster Supply Kitlisting other items you might need.

It looks like my preparations have pushed the hurricane further away from the East Coast.  😉 Hopefully it will continue moving East and never make landfall.  All of these supplies will last for the entire year, so there is no waste in being prepared.

Bottled water keeps for a long time. Once it expires it can still be used to water plants.


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