Simple Decor Update

Who doesn’t love simple?  Especially when it’s  home decor we’re talking about.  I enjoy watching shows where designers transform several rooms for only one thousand dollars. They make it all look so easy!  My decor needed a bit of an update but I needed to spend even less than that.

Blue and White Slipcover on Wing Chair

This chair has a very nicely fitted blue and white slipcover.  Bet you’re surprised it’s a slipcover, it fits so nicely. It was handmade by a talented friend of mine.  Unfortunately it no longer matches the decor of the room it’s in.  I’m not a fan of the slipcovers I’ve seen at the big box stores or online.  Besides the expense they just aren’t as nice as this slipcover.  So I’ve let it be blue and white in a tan room.  It sure draws attention,  just not the right kind.

My local paper ran an article about using a painter’s dropcloth as a slipcover.  They said that the fabric ones are machine washable and get softer with each washing.  Sounded good to me.  I went down to my local Lowe’s  and was confronted with several different size options.  I decided to buy the 9 ft. by 12 ft size because wing back chairs usually require larger sized slipcovers.  These dropcloths have a nubby linen like weave to them, they aren’t plastic and they don’t look like bed sheets.  I read that other stores sell dropcloths that are slightly darker, but I couldn’t find good online photos showing the differences.  So I went out and bought two more dropcloths one from Sherman Williams Paint store and one from Walmart.  Hopefully my photos will help you decide which dropcloth color you’d prefer for your own decor update!

From left to right Lowe's -- Sherwin Williams -- Walmart

As you can see the lightest colored dropcloth comes from Lowe’s.  The Sherwin Williams dropcloth is a bit darker, maybe an Almond color.  The dropcloth from Walmart is a light tan.

The whole concept of using drop cloths instead of slipcovers has been all over the Internet decor blogs for several years.  It’s totally new to me and  I think it’s worth attempting.  Apparently using dropcloths for slipcovers is very controversial.  Apartment Therapy attracted lots of negative posts for showing a sofa covered with a dropcloth.

Here is my wing back chair covered with the Sherwin Williams dropcloth.  I picked it because it doesn’t fade into the wall and it doesn’t stand out as much as the Walmart tan would.  This is the look after washing in cold water and machine drying.

Sherwin Williams Dropcloth and Pillow that Matches our Bedding

I added a pillow that matches our bedding and I think that pulls the curtains and wall and dropcloth together, without them matching exactly.  The chair no longer stands out as a total mismatch.  What do you all think?

If you HATE this look and can sew you might consider turning dropcloths into tailored slipcovers.  This was done by Isabella & Max Rooms.  As I may have mentioned I don’t sew.

CAUTION: Dropcloths are not as flaw free as store bought material is.  Do not expect perfection.


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4 Responses to Simple Decor Update

  1. The commenters on Apartment Therapy always crack me up. Obviously, not every design is going to work for every room! They need some chill pills.

    Did you pin or tuck it in anywhere, or is it just draped? Either way, I think it looks much better than the plaid. 🙂

  2. All Unwound says:

    Thanks for your input. I did not pin it. I did really push it deeply into the sides of the wings and the seat. I can sit in the chair and the slipcover stays in place once I’ve gotten up. I plan to tweak the arm draping a bit at some point. Maybe that’s where I’ll use pins.

  3. What a great tip – every novice can try to do this. The cost-saving is an added bonus too!

  4. Sher says:

    What a brillian idea! I never thought of that but it sure makes sense. I think the pillow ties it all together nicely.

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