Felted Slippers Finished

Felted Slippers Finished in Brown

These have been described as ugly.  If they only knew they might cry.  So sad.  Perhaps they are just too dark, but they won’t show dirt!

Read about my goals for these hand knit slippers in Felted Slippers for Fall.  The person that was gifted these says that they are warm and very comfortable.  That means I’ve met a goal!  No lumps or bumps or seams in an uncomfortable spot.  🙂

I am not happy with the toe shaping.  One person I checked with said the toe should be more square.  Another person said it should be more rounded.  What’s a knitter to do?!

Both people surveyed said they’d like the slippers to have a cuff added to them.  That’s easy enough to do.  If I keep the toe shaping the same and add a cuff then this pattern may turn into boot liners.

I couldn’t find the right color of yarn for the next pair of slippers.  So that gives me some time to think about how to do the toe shaping differently.  While I think I’ll knit something else.

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10 Responses to Felted Slippers Finished

  1. Sher says:

    I personally like the slippers just the way they are! As for the toes, it’s funny that you mentioned what the others said. Before I even read that part I was thinking about what a great job you did on the toes!

  2. All Unwound says:

    Thanks! Maybe the whole toe thing is personal preference? Maybe I need to create several felted slipper patterns, all with different toes!

  3. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    Those look so warm and comfy! And I think the toe looks fine the way it is. I would think they would form to your foot no matter the original shape, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I do think the cuff is a good idea.

  4. Connielou says:

    The toes will survive! The slippers look great…all warm and soft

  5. stelabird says:

    I like them! They look so warm and cozy too!

  6. Just look at women’s and men’s shoes… toe shape is a very personal thing! ;p

    So what exactly is felting? It looks comfortable, but I’ve never known what exactly the process means.

  7. All Unwound says:

    Thanks everyone! The person who was gifted them told me they are warm and comfortable, so those goals for the felted slippers were met.

    They do conform to your foot as you keep wearing them, which is a nice feature of felted slippers.

    Felting, which is properly called Fulling, takes a knit item and turns it into a dense but soft fabric. It also adds to the warmth and durability of the item. And makes it water resistant!

  8. As someone who can barely knit without mistakes, these socks are phenomenal!

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