On My Knitting Needles; A Multicolor Ribbed Cowl Scarf in Wool

Multicolor Cowl Scarf

This multicolor cowl scarf is knit out of 100% wool in a ribbed pattern with a curled edge.  The curled edge is a relaxed look and provides contrast to the more structured ribbed pattern of the body of the cowl scarf.

Cowl scarves are very easy to wear because once you slip them over your head you don’t have to think about them again till you want to take them off.   They are knit in an endless circle and simply can’t fall off accidentally.  There is no long tail to keep adjusting under your coat or jacket.  No fuss and all the warmth of a traditional scarf.

A Fun View into the Center of the Cowl Scarf Shows Off My Stitching

This cowl scarf offers warmth, convenience, and style.  The 100% wool is soft and fuzzy next to the skin and provides more warmth than acrylic yarn would.  The scarf is tall enough to pull up over your mouth in very cold weather or you could fold it over for a thicker scarf.  Either way the ribbed pattern elongates your neck.

Once I’ve completed this cowl scarf I’ll post it in All Unwound’s Etsy shop.  Stop by and check it out.


About All Unwound

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8 Responses to On My Knitting Needles; A Multicolor Ribbed Cowl Scarf in Wool

  1. Sher says:

    Beautiful scarf and it looks so snuggly warm! Great colors.

  2. stelabird says:

    I love the colors! and I love cowls, I don’t have to worry if it’s poking under my jacket!

  3. All Unwound says:

    Thanks Stela. I’ve finished it and posted it in my shop. I’ve described the color as multicolored red, orange, blue, and lavender but the red is muted, not fire engine red. See more photos of it there http://www.etsy.com/listing/83641894/cowl-scarf-endless-scarf-neckwarmer-red

  4. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    What great colors!
    And I love cowls because they’re so soft and like you said…put them on and forget about them 🙂 I never know what to do with the tails of a regular scarf…LOL!

  5. aquariann says:

    Pretty yarn choice! Btw, thanks for commenting on my photograph last week – you should participate in Wordless Wednesday some week soon. 😀

    -:¦:- WW: Zombie Leaf Decay -:¦:-

  6. Fabric Fascination says:

    I really like a rolled edge. This is lovely.

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