Flickr Screen Name, Yahoo ID, and Flickr URL

Flickr by Artisan All Unwound
Flickr, a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

Confused yet? If you have a Yahoo account and sign in to Flickr with that account, it’s your Yahoo ID. Your Flickr Screen Name is the name you go by in Flickr. Flickr is an online photo storage and photo sharing site. It offers free accounts with upload limits and paid accounts with far fewer limits. It’s a great way to share photos with friends and family. New to all of this? Check out All Unwound’s Flickr account to see what a Flickr account is.  Be sure to see my earlier Flicker Review as well.

Once you’ve joined Flickr and signed in, your Flickr Screen Name is the name you go by in Flickr.  It can be the same as your Yahoo ID or different, it’s your choice.  Your Flickr Screen Name can have spaces in it, which makes it easier to read.  You may also capitalize some letters in your Screen Name.  I am “Artisan All Unwound,” with those spaces and capital letters.  Flickr seems to treat Screen Names with spaces in them as a separate and different name than the same Screen Name without spaces.  I read in Flickr Forums that this was an old bug, but I experience it very recently.  So check out the name you’d like with and without spaces.

Of course you can only select a Flickr Screen Name if it’s not already in use.  See if a Flickr Screen Name is in use.  Your Flickr Screen Name will be indexed by Google.  So you may want to do a quick Google search before settling on a Flickr Screen Name.  That way you won’t be surprised to find out a local bar and grill already has a similar Flickr Screen Name.

You are able to edit and change your Flickr Screen Name as often as you like.   Just go to your Profile page and click on the Edit button to the right of your screen name to make a change.  Sometimes members do this to promote a certain charity or point of view.  Then when they try to switch back to their old Flickr Screen Name they are able to do so IF another person hasn’t claimed that name.   Every day people who have never had a Flickr account sign up and claim Flickr Screen Names, so losing a name is a real possibility.

If a Screen Name is claimed and the person deletes that Flickr account then that Screen Name will be unavailable forever!  That may be why you can’t find a user with the Screen Name you’d like to use, but Flickr tells you the Screen Name is unavailable.  So be careful and don’t delete an account if you’d like to use that Screen Name on another Flickr account. Why would you ever delete a Flickr account and sign up for a new one!?  Well, some users have done that to change their Flickr URL.

Yes you can change your Flickr URL.  Once you have personalized your Flickr URL it is permanent and unchangeable.  The only way to get rid of it is to delete the Flickr account.  If you choose to do that don’t delete the account while using a Screen Name you’d like to use again.  Better yet, think long and hard before picking a personalized Flickr URL.  What’s a personalized URL?  Well instead of “ Flickr assigns/” your photo stream can be “ you pick/”  It’s much easier for people to remember and easier to write down for your relatives and friends.  The “Name you pick” won’t have capitals or spaces in it.   Just remember once you pick a name you’re stuck with it!

Now you know the difference between a Flickr Screen Name, a Yahoo ID and a Flickr URL.  Ready to join Flickr?  Take the Flickr Tour to see everything Flickr has to offer.



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2 Responses to Flickr Screen Name, Yahoo ID, and Flickr URL

  1. Sher says:

    I love Flickr. I’ve had the account for a while but I’ve just recently started to use it.

  2. All Unwound says:

    Are you using it for storage or sharing, or a bit of both? I’ve found that using Flickr means a photo is available to me even if I’m away from both my home and computer, which is really neat.

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