Top Down Hat Knit in the Dark

Knitting a hat from the top down

Earlier this week I sat at the soccer field watching practice and trying to knit a hat from the top down. I have happy customers who’ve bought my hats knit from the ribbing up. So why create a new pattern? I have some hat yarn, but it might not be enough for all of that ribbing. The hat would look pretty silly with just the top inch or two knit in a different color. If I knit from the top down there’s no chance I’ll run out of yarn before I get to the top of the hat.

Simple right? My first attempt looked good but I wasn’t sure that the top of the hat would lay as flat as my current hat patterns do. So I tried something different and ended up with a lovely pumpkin stem. At least that’s what it looked like to me. It may yet become a hat. It’s just not what I was looking to do with this hat. Last month would have been a great time to create a pumpkin hat pattern!

Unfortunately with the sun setting earlier and earlier it got too dark to see my knitting before I knew if approach number three would work. I could knit, but I couldn’t see how the stitches looked.  I want a pattern that curves nicely over the top of the head. I’d also like the stitch pattern to be pleasing when looked at from the top. Just like my current hats.

So finally after a late dinner was served and put away I got back to my experiment and I’m liking it. Because it’s knit from the top down, I can’t flatten the bottom of the hat and see if it’s wide enough, the circular part of my circular needles keeps the hat bunched up. So I have to believe that my math skills are giving me the right sized hat.  🙂

See how the needles won't let the yarn expand?



Creating my own knitting patterns involves a bit of math, some experimentation and some faith. In the end it’s worth it because of the quality of the finished product.  This hat will show up soon in All Unwound’s Etsy store.


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7 Responses to Top Down Hat Knit in the Dark

  1. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    I bet creating your own patterns is a lot of fun…makes each one truly one of a kind 🙂 I love this with my custom albums too…no two are alike 🙂

  2. All Unwound says:

    Yes creating patterns is a fun challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to wait and see how things are going to turn out. Especially if I can’t measure accurately as I go along!

  3. Sher says:

    I love creating my own patterns. If you don’t experement, you might miss a great opportunity one way or another. Love the color, I think it’ll be beautiful!

  4. All Unwound says:

    Thanks Sher. It did turn out nicely. I’ll be knitting this pattern again! Here are photos of the completed item, which I’ve listed on Etsy.

  5. Kala says:

    I think that is the fun part about being creative, isn’t it? Where you come up with your own design and the satisfaction when it turns out great:)

  6. Anne says:

    I made a top down hat last week and to figure out at what point I should stop increasing, I used the following: head circumfence less 1 inch. so in my case, 21 inches, then i searched “circumfrence to radius”, found a free online calculator, plugged “21” in and got 3.3. When my needles were 3 and a third inches from the center, I stopped increasing, knit the down as long as I thought it should be and added an inch if ribbing. perfect fit!

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