Toaster Search

Our first toaster was a gift and lasted over 13 years! The second toaster we picked out, and it died after about 6 or 7 years.  So now I’m searching for a new toaster.  I’d like one that will last longer than a year or two.

Krups Toaster age 6 or 7 years

Obviously I haven’t bought a toaster in quite a while, Good Housekeeping  lists “Budget Toasters” as those costing less than 50 dollars.  Whoa! There were many brands on their list that I’d never heard of before.  The con for one brand I did recognize was that the top surface of the toaster gets to over 500 degrees, not a toaster I’d want in my home.

Apparently some people want digital read outs on their toasters. Many basic models have a digital version.  I would like a cord winder, to keep my counter free for making sandwiches.  I’m sure that breaks eventually though.

Because I’m interested in longevity and performance I’ve checked out the toasters at the local discount store and looked at Epinions Toaster Reviews.  The Krups toaster that just died is listed and gets 3.5 stars out of 5, back in 2005.  This time I’d like more reviews and more stars.  Which may not be possible since toasters don’t inspire many reviews.  Epinions lists over 1900 toasters and their specs. Many of those toasters are older models.

I think the ones that burn a symbol into the toast are very cool. But none of the ones I’ve seen are what I’d want. Do you have a sports team logo or symbol you’d like burned into your toast? I like the Dallas star but don’t root for them so it’s pointless to pay extra for something like that.

Speaking of cost, did you know you can find toasters for over 200 dollars? Yep. That’s at Kohls, an American discount store. That inspired me to check out name brand cooking stores. Williams-Sonoma has several toasters, the cheapest is 160 dollars, by Breville. It is die cast rather than cheap plastic and it toasts two slices at a time. I wonder if it would last 13 years? Customers give it stellar review. At Intellireview the 4 slice of the same model  gets 4 out of 5 stars with 129 reviews. Williams-Sonoma has toasters in the 300 dollar range as well. One toaster has a viewing window and is built to last for 30,000 uses.  I’m just not that into toast!

At Consumer Search the Breville toaster showed up yet again as a Best Buy for a “Fancy Toaster.”  Do I really need a fancy toaster?  Like I said before, I’m not that into toast.  When checking the “Pricey Toasters Worth the Splurge” page, that Breville toaster popped up as a good buy. (LOL)  It turns out that a less expensive Breville toaster gets stellar reviews from Amazon and  So maybe I can have a stellar toaster without the stellar price tag?

Breville Ikon from Bed Bath and Beyond

Here’s what I picked out. The Breville Ikon.  I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond and was able to use a discount coupon.  It matches our appliances and seems resistant to fingerprints.  After using it for two days I like it.  The bagel toasting function really works and the only downside so far is that it beeps when the toaster is done.

Edited to Add: There seems to be some confusion about which toaster I bought.  While the expensive toasters look very cool and have great features I couldn’t bring myself to spend what they cost.  I bought what I hope will be a stellar toaster, the Breville Ikon.  I paid less than $60 and used a coupon.  Hope that makes my purchase clear.


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12 Responses to Toaster Search

  1. stelabird says:

    That is a fancy looking toaster!! I need a prettier one.

    • All Unwound says:

      I agree, it’s quite an upgrade in looks from the old white plastic Krups toaster. Toasters have really changed in the last 7 years! I just hope this Breville toaster lasts for a reasonable number of years.

  2. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    Holy cow…a $300 toaster! I didn’t even know those existed!
    My mom got us a toaster at an auction 10 years ago and we still have it! I eat toast EVERY DAY and it works like a charm. I think she paid $5 for a whole box of kitchen stuff…and it was used when she got it 🙂

  3. Sher says:

    We just went through the same thing. We finally ended up buying a T-Fal toaster. It was a toss up between that one and the Kitchen Aid. I love Kitchen Aid but we liked this design much better.

    I love the look of yours!

  4. Kala says:

    Your post was so timely:) We are shopping for a toaster too.

    • All Unwound says:

      I hope you find these links to reviews about toasters helpful in your search. Knowing how much you want to spend does help narrow the search. I was so surprised that a $50 dollar toaster would be categorized as “budget.” Good luck!

  5. Sandy says:

    Good grief! I can’t imagine paying $300 for a toaster. Does it butter your toast and serve coffee? :0) Just kidding. I like your new toaster. I hope it gives you many years of use.

  6. All Unwound says:

    I can’t imagine paying $300 for a toaster either. I was stunned that $50 toasters are considered “budget.” I didn’t buy the $300 toaster, guess I better edit my blog post to say that! I bought a cheaper version by the same brand that got good reviews, and I’m hoping it lasts a long time.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Are you happy with your purchase? My toaster died years ago and I never found a good replacement. The last one near burnt the house down (not kidding). I had read the reviews as well before repurchasing but even the super expensive ones only got fair reviews.

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