On My Knitting Needles; Fingerless Gloves in Variegated Acrylic

These Fingerless Gloves are knit in 100% acrylic and are great for people with wool allergies. This particular pair are being knit in a combination of rib stitch and stockinet stitch. The ribbing provides a secure fit with stretch, allowing the cuffs to fit comfortably around several different sized wrists. I’ve added ribbing at the top for looks and so that the finger area will keep it’s shape and not gap open.


Fingerless Gloves taking shape on double pointed needles

Fingerless Gloves can be a fashion statement, anyone remember the 1980’s? Or they can be a practical choice. Wearing Fingerless Gloves keeps your wrists and hands warm. While wearing Fingerless Gloves it’s easy to text, type, craft or play electronic games. Fingerless Glove wearers can also easily get money, change and credit cards out of a wallet without removing their gloves. What could be more convenient while doing your holiday shopping?



Variegated Fingerless Gloves match everything


If you are looking for warmth, convenience and style while texting or out shopping for gifts consider Fingerless Gloves. This dark green, cream, brown, and charcoal color combination are my best selling Fingerless Gloves both on and off Etsy. Once I’ve finished this pair of gloves they will be for sale in All Unwound’s Etsy shop.  Stop by and check out the Fingerless Gloves I’ve already got listed.

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6 Responses to On My Knitting Needles; Fingerless Gloves in Variegated Acrylic

  1. Melody says:

    Those look lovely. Every year I try to learn to knit and every year I just have a deeper appreciation for the people who are able to knit such wonderful winter-wear. And I recommit to buying it instead of making it. Those photos of your knitting in process just further convince me!

  2. Kala says:

    Fingerless gloves, what a great idea…keep your hands warm and still be able to type:):)

  3. Sher says:

    I like them for the style and the warmth. And I love the ones I bought from you! Wouldn’t you know that the day they arrived we got unseasonably warm? That’s ok, they are waiting for me. I’m sure the weather will get cold sooner than later!

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