Laundry Room Before

After standing in my laundry room for many hours doing laundry I’ve decided that it needs to be freshened up. In my previous blog post, Laundry Room Decor, I talked about the need for a vibrant wall color and some decoration. Since the room is so small and has no window I’d like a bright color. When I stand at the washer I can see the wall color in the hallway.  So the new color needs to coordinate with that.


The wall in the house can be seen from inside the laundry room


Some of you will think that I added clutter to my Laundry Room for the before photos; to make the after photos more dramatic. I actually removed some hanging items before taking these photos. Because of the tiny size of the room I had to squat on the floor and hold the camera above my head against the wall to take photos of the opposite wall. So some photos may not be perfectly straight. No video of this is available, but it would be funny!




The wire shelf is also my clothes hanging space

One thing I admire in every picture of decorated organized laundry rooms are the neat and tidy shelves above the washer and dryer.  Since that’s where my hanging space is there is no room for cute shelves.  I like storing my vacuum cleaner bags, Lysol wipes, Pledge wipes, paper towels, napkins and Kleenex on the wire shelf, but they don’t look neat and tidy.  The Ukrop’s paper grocery bag holds bags with handles that I will reuse and my folded sweater dryer.


Speaking of the white shelf; it is always full of hanging clothes. Two loads of laundry have enough items that can’t go in the dryer or have possible stains that I don’t want to heat set with the dryer, to fill the hanging space.  I always do at least two loads at a time, so I’m on the hunt for more hanging space.


This wall is opposite the Washer Wall and may provide the answer to more hanging space.

I really dislike the new shape of the large detergent bottles.  Because of the bottle’s design it won’t fit on the rolling shelving I have between the washer and dryer. Storing it on top of the dryer takes up the only counter space I have.   So I am looking for an attractive practical container for liquid detergent.

My goals for the week are to look for more hanging space, a smaller container for liquid detergent, and a paint color that won’t clash with the current paint color.  After I’ve dealt with these practical items I’ll get to the decorations.  I may pick out a theme or a style for my laundry room, to give my search for decorative items a focus.  If you’d like to watch this process in photo format you can check out my Pinterest Laundry Room Board.  That’s where my finds and inspiration photos will be posted.


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4 Responses to Laundry Room Before

  1. Denise says:

    Good luck with your decorating! My suggestion would be to add a double rack with the top rack kinda high on the empty wall with some short laundry square tubs underneath for socks/underwear etc. Storage bins on the wire shelf can neaten up that shelf ^_^. Following you on Pinterest.

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