Laundry Room During

Organization in Feel Good Lime

At the end of a previous post, Laundry Room Before, I stated my decorating plans for the week. Of course I started off in a totally different direction! The clutter on the shelf above the washer and dryer got my immediate attention. I decided that I didn’t need to keep shoe boxes for projects on the wire shelf and moved them to another room. I do like storing Lysol Wipes, Pledge Wipes, Swiffer Covers, Paper Towels, Napkins and Kleenex on the wire shelf. To organize these items and store them attractively, I bought rectangular plastic bins woven like wicker. They are resistant to moisture and can easily be wiped clean. I love the color, it’s called “Feel Good Lime!”  It does feel good to have made a change in the laundry room.  It’s also easier for me to grab a basket and take out what I need.  Now  the paper towels can’t fall down as I reach for the napkins.

One of my top priorities was creating more hanging space. My initial ideas didn’t work, thanks to our metal wall studs and the placement of our home’s electrical breaker box. So I’m still working on creating something both practical and visually pleasing.  I’ve got some decorations but where they go depends on how this hanging space works out.  If you want to see some of the options, I’ve pinned photos to my Pinterest Laundry Room Board.

Paint Chips


Picking a paint color was easier since it doesn’t involve our electrical system 😉   With the hope of saving money I checked out the “mistake paint” at my local Lowe’s.  They only had MINT green. That didn’t appeal to me at all and would look terrible with the paint color in my hallway. So I spent some time looking through paint chips and picked out several options. The ones that still looked good once I got them home are taped up to the wall.  While it’s easy to pick a color I don’t know when I’ll schedule the actual painting.



Smaller bottle fits on the cart

I did buy a smaller container for my liquid detergent.   An Internet search turned up many lovely breakable glass jars used in laundry rooms.  Pretty but impractical.  I could have bought an unbreakable plastic jar.  Instead I purchased a small bottle of liquid detergent and will use the larger bottle to refill it as needed.  This way I get the unbreakable jar and more detergent.  It’s just not decorative.

Ah yes, the laundry room is lacking decorations.   Once I’ve finished adding more hanging space and possibly add a clothes folding spot,  the spots left for decoration will become obvious.  My goals for this week are to create a space for lost socks, to solve my hanging space issue and to see if any decor items I already own would work in the laundry room.  What issues do you have in your laundry room?


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10 Responses to Laundry Room During

  1. Julia says:

    LOL Entering my laundry room is sort of a cross between Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom and an archeological dig site! I DO mean to repaint it “cutely” but it is easier right now to shut the door. I have huge handpainted florals I did on the wall when we first bought the house sized sunflowers and hollyhocks. I am tired of them and it is time for something new. I always never wanted my family to each have a laundry basket of their own in there because I knew the lazy louts would resort to living out of them and never put anything away. This year I caved and bought everyone their own basket and I was 100% right. I do fold and fill them up and haul them to their rooms and then I have to just turn a blind eye (not how MY mom raised ME!) There is a “sock basket” that they just rummage through for a pair..matching or not *sigh* thus ensuring that there are always single unmatched socks..but since I just put them in the basket and fold mine and the “little people’s” I have cut out the “why is there only one sock?” insanity..don’t look and it won’t hurt!

    • All Unwound says:

      Your laundry room sounds like it gets a lot of use. Those are always the messiest rooms. I don’t have room for a sock basket but I’ll post my solution in a future post!

  2. Paige says:

    I use baskets a lot for storage too. The bright green is fun!

    We don’t have a laundry room. Our stacker unit is in a closet, and we barely have room for the detergent and ironing board next to it.

  3. Sandy says:

    Your laundry room is looking great! I like the lime color baskets. They would have looked great in my sunny yellow laundry room before we sold our house.

  4. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    The wire shelf is a great idea and I love the fun baskets 🙂
    I always go for practical over pretty in areas like this. I’d be the same way and wait til the end to decorate.
    Hope you get your hanging area figured out 🙂

    • All Unwound says:

      Thanks! The baskets are turning out to be very practical. I’d love to bring more color into the room, but I’m not finding what I want in local stores. I hope to figure something out this weekend.

  5. Unique Gifts says:

    Your laundry room looks great with the ‘feel good lime’ baskets. Kind of cute and do post when you figure out about the hanging area. You do have great creative ideas.

  6. All Unwound says:

    Thanks. The hanging area is a bit challenging because of the electrical box and because of the metal studs in the wall.

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