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So you’re a blogger and a member of Pinterest.  Congratulations!  If you blog and want to link your blog to your Pinterest site there are several ways to do this.  Apparently with some blogging platforms it is easy. is my blogging platform.  I saw several tutorials online that involved copying and pasting long lines of code to link WordPress to Pinterest.  And reviews that said this had a 75% failure rate.  After my eyes glazed over I sought out an easier way.

To put a link to my Pinterest site on this blog page I used the Widgets section and used Image.  I went to the Pinterest Goodies page and copied the “Follow Button.”  There are a couple of button styles to choose from.  I copied the “Follow Button” by right clicking it and copying it’s URL.  I put this in the image URL of the Widget Image tab.  Then for the Link URL I put my Pinterest URL. So when you click on the “Follow Me On Pinterest” button on the right side of this blog it takes you directly to my Pinterest Boards.

I hope that this brief tutorial is helpful to bloggers!  If you’d like information about other ways to add a “Pin It” button to your blog  Blog Stylist has a great post to refer to.  They also cover some Pinterest basics that I’ve already covered in my post, Pinterest the Basics, but they are from a blogger’s point of view.


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2 Responses to Pinterest for Bloggers

  1. Sandy says:

    I did the same thing in Blogger. Works great.

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