Holiday Decorating Tip

Several years ago I did something with some beads and ornaments on my dinning room chandelier.  It looked great!  This year I tried to recreate the look but had forgotten exactly what I’d done.  I kept twisting beads different ways but couldn’t get that same look.

Hall Table Decorated for Christmas


This year I am very pleased with the decorations on and under this hall table.  So I took a photo.  That’s right if you like what you’ve done but need to pack it away for a year just take a photo first.  Then store the photo with those decorations.

Either you’ll find out you really didn’t like your holiday decorating as much as you thought you did…or you’ll be able to create the exact same look next year.

I hope this post finds you all decorated and ready to take photos!


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2 Responses to Holiday Decorating Tip

  1. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    That’s a great idea to take photos! I always take pictures of the tree, but not always the other decorations…thanks 🙂

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