Got Yarn?

Some of my Yarn and Hand Spun

Yes! My yarn collection is obviously out of control.  So let’s talk about how you can minimize this problem in your life.  I recommend selecting the project before the yarn.  If that fails and you find that you already own three different shades of your favorite color, be sure to select a pattern that will work with this yarn.  You’d hate to have to buy new yarn for the pattern and let these three shades sit around for years.  They will attract other skeins of yarn!

When picking out a pattern, carefully read about the recommended yarn for the pattern.  Many knitters realize that gauge is important.  So they pick a different yarn than the pattern recommends, but select one with a similar thickness.  Sometimes there are numbers on the wrapper that indicate how thick the yarn is.  Sometimes thickness is  called the weight or worsted or DK or sock.  Sometimes it’s called wpi, wraps per inch.

Yarn thickness is a great thing to pay attention to.  But you also need to think about what the yarn is made of.  Let’s say the pattern has detail work, such as cables and calls for a worsted weight wool.  If you pick out worsted weight cotton you ‘ll be disappointed.  The cables will lack the definition and sharpness that they’d have in wool.

A Merino Silk Blend in one of my favorite colors!

If the pattern has lace work in it and you substitute a wool mohair blend for the cotton then be prepared for the mohair to puff up and obscure some of the holes.  It’s a lovely look, you just need to be prepared for it.  Your project will not look like the pattern photo.

So pick your pattern first and then buy yarn for it.  If you have already bought yarn then pay attention to the yarn’s thickness and what the yarn is made of when you select a pattern for it.  If you already have a large collection of yarn, join me in my resolution to match patterns to the yarn and store them together. That’s right I am searching out patterns to match my yarn.  Of course visiting yarn stores means picking up a few new skeins of yarn, so we’ll see how much yarn I end up with next year. 🙂


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