New Years Resolutions January Update

How are your New Years Resolutions holding up? Mine are found in this blog post, New Years Resolutions or Changing Our Habits.

We all have a busy schedules and many family demands placed on us.  So how do we focus on what’s important for 2012?  I made my resolutions very vague in hopes of simply moving in the right direction. I didn’t want to shoot for perfection, miss and then give up.

I’ve been working daily on my Etsy shop, All Unwound, knitting new items for the shop.  I will begin listing these items this week.

I flipped all of my hangers and can really see what my favorite shirts are. Check out New Years Organization and Rotating Collections for some specifics.

For the first half of the month I exercised regularly.  Then having family in the hospital derailed that.

I have tried to buy a variety of vegetables and fruits each week.  I think variety makes eating fruits and veggies more interesting. I’ve found that my family won’t just eat fruit and veggies because it’s sitting there.  I have to wash it, cut it up and put it on the table.

Uncut fruit is ignored for less healthy choices.

How are you all doing with your Resolutions? What helps keep you on track?


About All Unwound

Knitting, Felting, and Spinning are consuming all of my time! Please FAN All Unwound on Facebook
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4 Responses to New Years Resolutions January Update

  1. Sandy says:

    Keep a list works for me. So far, I’m still walking almost every day. I finished one of my 2012 projects. Yea!

  2. Sher says:

    I’ve been doing quite well with the healthy new me. I was hoping to have a few new designs finished by now but we’re in the middle of building my new craft room so my supplies are stacked up in the mud room and in various closets right now. But like you, I made mine pretty vague. It seemed safer for me that way.

    Sounds like you are doing quite well.

    • All Unwound says:

      I did well for the first half of the month and am just trying to make the best choices I can right now. Guess that’s all any of us can do. And it does help that our New Years Resolutions are somewhat vague. At least we are moving in the right direction! I’m sure that your craft room will be worth all of the current disorganization!

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