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Frozen Fruits and Vegetables verses Fresh

Rushing through a big box store with a frozen section, I grabbed a box of frozen vegetables to eat with my lunch.  It was my attempt to eat more vegetables.  Why? Because, according to the US Centers for Disease Control,  … Continue reading

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Treasured Items on Etsy

I am pleased that four more of my hand knit items have been selected for Etsy Treasuries!  In case you’ve forgotten Etsy is an online sales site full of handmade or hand crafted items and supplies.  Treasuries are a collection … Continue reading

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Tips for Visiting Friends and Family in the Hospital

If you have a friend or family member that will be in the hospital for an extended stay you probably will want to visit them.  Some hospitals have very specific rules for visitors, SUNY Upstate requires a photo ID.  Different … Continue reading

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Hand Knit Basic Socks

This is the time of Winter where I wish I had more socks.  Thick cozy socks to wear with clogs and boots.  Thinner socks to wear with shoes. I’m imagining “basic socks.”  In my mind “basic socks” have a bit … Continue reading

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Target, a photo by kevin dooley on Flickr. It seems that everyone in the United States shops at Walmart or Target. We almost all buy cars that are mass produced. Yes I will admit that a few wealthy people buy … Continue reading

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Knitting Gauge Swatches

Do you knit gauge swatches?  Gauge Swatches are those 4 inch by 4 inch squares that you knit before starting a new pattern.  Before you begin a new pattern you’re supposed to take the yarn and the suggested needles and … Continue reading

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