Target by kevin dooley
Target, a photo by kevin dooley on Flickr.

It seems that everyone in the United States shops at Walmart or Target. We almost all buy cars that are mass produced. Yes I will admit that a few wealthy people buy hand made cars or clothes that are made just for them, bespoken.

Since the masses tend to buy mass produced clothing and cars and electronics in the US, how do we set ourselves apart as individuals? Maybe most people don’t care about being different than their neighbors. In fact that whole “keeping up with the Jones'” expression tells me that many people want to be like their neighbors.  Instead of having unique items they’d rather have the latest model of the mass produced electronic device.

One car I saw recently was covered with personalization, not bumper stickers.  It had flowered seat covers and something hanging from the rear view mirror and different hubcaps, or rims.  The irony of all this personalization is that the items used can be bought in the car care aisle at Walmart or Target.  So now that they’ve personalized their car with mass produced items, how personalized is it?

I’ve been driving in a lot of traffic lately and I can see how plain my car looks without any personalization.   I plan to fix this by buying a vinyl car decal on Etsy.  Buying unique artist created items can be a way of expressing your own unique world view.

How do you express your individuality?  Is it by arranging the items you’ve bought at the big box store in a unique way?  By buying items from local artists or on Etsy? Or do you express it through your own creations?  Perhaps the recent increase in knitters, crocheter’s and sewers is partially due to the need for self expression.


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3 Responses to Individuality

  1. Edi says:

    My personality usually sets me apart as an individual 🙂 But my creative projects do to! I love making items with such a personal touch to them!

  2. I do like handmade items, but also vintage. I think both can add character and individuality to a home, an outfit. I’m not sure about a car . . . but somewhere one the web I saw where someone had crocheted seat covers for her car. It was fabulous.

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team

  3. Sandy says:

    I like to create my own individuality through my quilting. Daring to decorate or create with what I like makes me feel different from others. They might not like what I did, but I do and I am happy!

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