Frozen Fruits and Vegetables verses Fresh

Frozen carrots, sugar snap peas, black beans and Edamame is a new vegetable mixture for me.

Rushing through a big box store with a frozen section, I grabbed a box of frozen vegetables to eat with my lunch.  It was my attempt to eat more vegetables.  Why? Because, according to the US Centers for Disease Control,  people that eat more fruits and vegetables have lower rates of chronic diseases.

Fresh food requires the time to wash it, peel it and cut it up.  The fresh Avocados I bought on sale last week will probably go bad before I can use them, because my life is so hectic right now. Buying my fruits and vegetables already washed, cut up, and in a form that can be stored until needed seems like a good way to keep vegetables on hand.  Frozen food can be stored for many weeks before being eaten.

Some people insist that frozen isn’t really as healthy as fresh…tell that to my Avocados that are being ignored.  They don’t look as healthy now as they did last week!  And most fresh fruit and vegetables sit in my refrigerator for days and days before being eaten.

Part of the prejudice against frozen food is that frozen food is processed food.  Many media outlets have written negative articles about processed food.  Eating fresh unprocessed locally grown food is a wonderful ideal.  Unfortunately it usually requires more effort than driving to the local grocery store.  Even if locally grown recently picked food is available at your grocery store it requires preparation.

Eating Well Magazine confirms what I’ve heard before, frozen vegetables are picked and frozen at the height of ripeness when the most nutrients are in them.  Unfortunately, some water soluble vitamins are diminished during the freezing process.  So frozen isn’t as nutrient dense as freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables.

Three Fat Chicks on a Diet takes the debate a step farther and says that ” frozen vegetables typically have even more nutrition than fresh vegetables.” This is because most of the fruits and vegetables sold at the grocery store are picked before their nutrient levels peak, shipped long distances, and sit losing nutrients before being eaten.

So taking into account my New Year’s Resolutions and the how hectic my life is right now… I’ve decided to try out some new frozen vegetables.  What are you doing to move closer to your goals?


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10 Responses to Frozen Fruits and Vegetables verses Fresh

  1. Sandi Gill says:

    I love all vegetable. I buy fresh and frozen but rarely canned. However, I notice that many frozen vegetables–especially Green Giant vegetables like those in your photo–come only with a “butter sauce” or “savory sauce” or some other catchy phrase. These tend to be loaded with fats and salts. Shoppers should check packaging and buy only those that have minimal salt and no sauces.

    • All Unwound says:

      Good points Sandi. Salt is another controversial topic. The veggies I showed have 230mg of salt or 10% of daily value for a 2,000 calorie a day diet. As for fat 2.5grams, or 3% of the daily value. It’s always wise to pay attention to the details.

  2. stelabird says:

    When we buy our produce we eat them in order of what will go bad first (avocados, asparagus) to what can last the whole week (apples, potatoes, brussels sprouts etc) so we’re not wasting our fresh vegetables and fruits.

  3. Very interesting!! I actually saw a few days ago that you can freeze your avocadoes, you should cut them in half, remove the seed and wrap them in plastic, freeze them and could last around 3 months!!! maybe you can still save yours 🙂 or you can make Guacamole haha

  4. Sher says:

    I’m wtih you all the way! I love my frozen foods and expecially my frozen broccoli! I do believe that they are what is keeping me on my diet.

  5. Edi says:

    Any vegetable is a good vegetable in my book. It’s better than any bag of potato chips. And if you need something quick and easy, frozen veggies sound like a wonderful and healthy idea. The cleaning and prepping are part of the reason we never eat fresh fruit!

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