Laundry Room Redo Parts and Pieces

The parts and pieces of my laundry room redo are starting to come together.  I’ve finally found a hanging drying rack that MAY work.  You may remember the problems with finding a way to hang more clothes;  a very narrow room with two walls taken up by doors, and an unfortunately placed electrical box.

Here are my parts and pieces!

Look at the cool new plastic hangers I found.  If I want to tone down the colors in the small space I can use white, which will match the washer, dryer, laundry tub, and shelf.  If I want to play up the colors I can use the green that match the baskets.  See the baskets here.

So which color hangers would you choose?

Of course my Magnetic Boards will be hung in the Laundry Room.  They will keep my wayward socks without mates all in one place.  Check out my Magnetic Boards Tutorial for details.

If you’re observant you noticed another new item in the pile, a shelf with hooks.  It may provide decoration in the room.  Of course the best place to hang it, so it’s not in the way would keep it from being easily seen.  The decor part of this laundry room redo is going to take some thought.  If only there was more useable wall space!


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4 Responses to Laundry Room Redo Parts and Pieces

  1. I think if you can work in a drying rack, you definitely should! Our stacked W/D are in a closet, so whenever we hang stuff to dry we have to set up a portable rack in the middle of our bedroom. It’s always in the way.

  2. Sandy says:

    Sounds like you have a good plan. Small laundry rooms are always a challenge. I hung a wall plague coat hanger (6 hooks) high above my head. This worked well in our laundry room because it was long and thin with no room for me to stand if the machine door was open. At least with the coat hanger, I could hang clothes on a hanger, hang it up against the wall and out of my way.

    Oh and I pick green!

  3. All Unwound says:

    Thanks Sandy! If you have any other small laundry room tips please let me know.

    Green it shall be!!!!

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