What I’m Reading in March

"Warning at One" by Ann Purser a British Cozy featuring Lois Meade

I love it when an author I enjoy reading comes out with a new series! Ann Purser is the author of what I call the Day Series.  It begins with “Murder on Monday” and continues through the days of the week.  They are written in the Mystery Cozy Genre. The books are set in modern day England.  Her latest series begins with “Warning at One,” the titles are a play on numbers and continue with the same characters.

The main character, Lois Meade, owns a cleaning service called New Brooms.  As cleaners she and her employees are let into the drawers and closets of many homes and a few skeletons pop out.  I may have meant that figuratively, but now you’ll have to read the series to be sure!

I would recommend starting with what I call the Day Series, since the main characters are the same and these books take place earlier.  In fact both series are sometimes collectively  referred to as “The Lois Meade Mysteries.”

The series is set in a small village with several successful businesses that have made it through hard times.  There are rivalries and relationships that go back generations and then there are the “newcomers.” People newly monied that have decided to move to the country and are unaware of village values and relationships.  Inevitably conflicts between the two groups arise.

Lois and her extended family are an integral part of village life, even though they moved from another village.  Her husband is an electrician and travels around the countryside, sometimes learning more than he would like.  Her daughter Josie is the owner of the village store and hears much local gossip.  Lois’s mother lives with them and keeps up to date on all of the family activities and what’s going on with her contemporaries in the village.  Lois has a friendly but prickly relationship with the local police Inspector and uses his information and her knowledge to solve local mysteries.

In addition to the books with Lois Meade, Ann Purser has two other series you may enjoy reading, the “Round Ringford Stories,” and the “Ivy Beasley Mysteries.”  I haven’t read them yet.

To find out more about Ann Purser and her other book series check out her website.


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One Response to What I’m Reading in March

  1. Sandy says:

    I love cozy murder mysteries especially a series of them where I get to know the characters and feel like I am visiting old friends. I have not heard of this series and now I want to read them! Thanks for sharing!

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