New Years Resolutions April Update

Look how small this pedometer is!

We are now FOUR months into the New Year of 2012!  Hard to believe.  Do you even remember if you made New Years Resolutions?  Mine are hard to forget because I blogged about them!  “New Years Resolutions or Changing our Habits”

My January update, “New Years Resolutions January Update” was brief and focused on what I was doing to keep on track.  We all need to make choices that keep us moving in the right direction.

I did an update about my resolutions at the end of February.  That update was all about the debate over frozen vegetables, “Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Verses Fresh.”  I want to eat more vegetables this year.

Considering all of the upheavals in my life I think I’m doing very well in working towards my goals.  Unfortunately goals are supposed to be measurable and if I actually measure how I’m doing I don’t see any progress.

Yes I’ve parked my car further away from the store, racking up extra walking time.  I’ve picked the salad bar over the deep fried food.  I’ve eaten more veggies  and had more water to drink.  But the scale hasn’t moved downward.  Perhaps I should be happy that it hasn’t moved upwards!

I’ve spent hours and hours sitting in the hospital with family.  I’ve eaten much more processed and fast food than I normally do.  I have almost given up hope of exercising regularly again.  Having multiple sick family members means I truly haven’t had time to make the healthy choices that take extra time.  But I can tell you what salad I order at several popular fast food restaurants.

Pedometer close up

During a weekend event in April I ended up walking quite a bit. How much? I don’t know. Enough that my feet really hurt.  My friend had a pedometer and said we were averaging 14 miles a day!  Hard to believe.  So in an effort to keep track of my walking I’ve bought a pedometer.  Here’s an article on Medicine Net about buying a pedometer.  The part of the article I found most useful was the section on checking pedometer accuracy.  So the first day I owned it I kept resetting my steps to zero to check it’s accuracy.

My plan for May is to keep track of my steps/miles walked and instead of trying to walk 14 miles a day, find a number I can work into my daily life.  That’s how I’m making my New Years Resolutions a priority in May.  How are you making your New Years Resolutions a priority?


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8 Responses to New Years Resolutions April Update

  1. walktx says:

    I didn’t make any resolutions on New Years. I’ve been working on the same one for many years!
    Hope your family gets well so you can start doing more for yourself.

  2. All Unwound says:

    Thanks! I’m excited about trying to add more walking into my day.

  3. stelabird says:

    That’s a great idea to get a pedometer!
    Love your nail polish 🙂

  4. aquariann says:

    Our town hosts a walking event every summer and gives out free pedometers! I don’t think I ever walked 14 miles in one day, though, wow. Way to go. 😀

    • All Unwound says:

      Let me be clear, I didn’t want to walk 14 miles a day…it just turned out that way. But it showed me I could really up my daily walking. The pedometer helps me pay attention.

  5. That’s great that you’ve found ways to add healthy changes to your life.
    I’m in the same boat with needing more time to exercise and make better choices! I’ve given up jogging for the time being, but I’ve started adding a few slim fasts in my diet. I love that they are convenient and easy to take on the go. When I’m tempted to grab something quick, it’s usually not healthy…the slim fasts make it easier to make good choices 🙂
    Good luck with your walking and I hope you don’t have to spend as much time in the hospital this month with loved ones.

  6. All Unwound says:

    Thanks for sharing your tips on making healthy quick choices. It can be such a challenge to find quick and healthy choices.

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