Worldwide Knitting in Public Week

Some yarn, knitting and hand spun

I knit in public regularly.  At children’s activities, in doctor’s waiting rooms, sitting in car line.  Maybe you’ve seen me, sometimes people even take photos of me knitting.  Knitting in public does attract attention.  It can be a great conversation starter.

Many of you knit in private, and that’s OK but it’s time to get out your needles and do some kitting in public.  The “Worldwide Knitting in Public” holiday has grown from a one day event to a week long event.  This year it is from June 9th to June 17th.  As I understand the event, crocheters and other fiber artists are also welcome to participate.

Of course there is a web site about it.  Read about the holiday’s history or search for events in your area.  That’s right volunteers in many parts of the world have organized public knitting events.  These events are worldwide!  So if you live in Finland or Spain or MANY other countries you will find an event near you.  Go join one, or just bring your fiber project along  to your regular activities this week.

If you don’t knit and you see a Knit in Public (KIP) event please stop and say hello!  You might meet a new friend.  If you’d like to post about your experience with KIP there is a KIP Facebook Page.

Sadly I was out of town when the KIP event near me was held.  I will try to stop by my local knitting store this week for a bit of public knitting.  Of course I will also keep knitting in public as I go to my regular weekly activities.


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2 Responses to Worldwide Knitting in Public Week

  1. Ali says:

    This is a really great idea! Knitting in public is also a good way to start a conversation about your business. Love it!

  2. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    Sounds like a fun way to spread the word! I try to bring things with me to work on when I know I’ll be waiting…like at doctors office.

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