Another Simple Decor Update

For this simple update I just threw money at my decorating problem.  Don’t we all wish we could all do that?  I enjoy watching shows where designers transform rooms. They make it all look so easy!  What I really need is a talented designer that can figure out what I want when I’m not even sure myself.  I know they exist I just don’t have enough money to hire them!  So I tried to tackle this myself with a small amount of cash.

The first attempt a simple set of three metal vases

As soon as you enter my home you see this blank wall before you.  I’ve had several different pieces of furniture in this spot.  They always get moved so we can put the Christmas tree here.  Then I find that the furniture works much better wherever it was moved to.

The second attempt using a taller wider metal vase in colors that match my decor better

So I’ve decided to leave all my furniture where it is and simply buy something for the empty spot.  Of course something inexpensive and easily changeable is what I’m looking for.  I looked through all of the local big box stores and the craft stores as well.  I was trying to coordinate textures and colors but have interest by using different shapes.  As you can see I decided on metal vases of varied heights and shapes.  One of them was even on clearance!

Three Metal Vases 03

For the third attempt the vase is taller than the first one I tried and I like both the color and texture

Having a collection of metal vases that all work together and were inexpensive didn’t solve all of my decorating problems.  When standing at the front door and looking at the vases they hide the electrical outlets in use on the wall.  But the electrical outlet right behind them is very visible.  They also don’t soften the corner where the two walls meet.  Two things I was trying to do.  So I moved this collection. Look how nice it looks in it’s new location!

In this location the vases and table are visible from several different sides

They look good from this side too!

This simple decor update worked out great, just not in the spot I had in mind!  If you’d like to get a few of your own metal vases Etsy has quite a few listed.  A search for metal vase brings up over 1,400 options.  Many of them are vintage.  Vintage metal vase brings up just over 1,000 options.  Several of them are very unique!

I need another solution for decorating the blank wall you see from the front door.  Focusing on the furniture or the floor space hasn’t worked.  Perhaps I need to focus on the wall space first?  Because this is such a public space I’d like something less personal than the wall of family photos that comes to mind.

Any suggestions?  It’s a blank wall with an electrical outlet I’d like to hide.  And electrical outlets on the wall next to it I’d like to hide from view also.  That’s because you can see the outlets while standing at the front door.


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6 Responses to Another Simple Decor Update

  1. That was a good idea with the vases! Sometimes furniture just isn’t right for a certain spot.

    I’m actually in interior design school, and I’m always looking for projects to add to my portfolio. If you want, I could help you out (for free) with your entryway. I would just need a picture of the wall in question, and its measurements. Let me know! My email is attached to this comment. 🙂

  2. Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    The vases look great in their new location. Wish I had advice for the bare wall…I’m terrible at decorating!

  3. Sher says:

    I love the vases and they look so much nicer in a grouping than they would alone.

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