Fallen in Love

See how luscious  Purple Capo-Nord looks! AllUnwound will knit it into something soon.

Have you ever fallen in love with an expensive and high maintenance craft supply? Well I have.  It’s Schulana Capo-Nord 100% Merino yarn in 16 ply. Yikes an expensive wool that’s finely spun and has an amazing number of plies!  It is a soft luxurious yarn.

Mango Yellow Schulana Yarn Merino

Merino 16 ply in Mango can you see the beautiful sheen this yarn has? Hand knit by AllUnwound.

Schulana Capo-Nord feels wonderful to knit and wear.  Qualities that are hard to show through Internet photos.  The colors are bright and fun and that does show up in photos!  Remember how I said it’s “high maintenance?” If you make a simple knitting mistake and rip it out it shows…so you need to be a very consistent and experienced knitter to successfully work with this yarn.

Sadly it’s not available at my local yarn store so I will spend some time next week looking for another store with Schulana Capo-Nord in stock at a reasonable price.

The distributor’s web site, Skacel Knitting,  is having difficulties listing the US sellers of this

Schulana Berry Pink

I’m showing off some fancy stitching on the top of this hat. Hand knit in Schulana Capo-Nord by AllUnwound

yarn right now.  I know of a store that sells it, and their state isn’t even listed!  I’ve seen it for sale at some Internet vendors but the prices are high.

When I can find it at a reasonable price I will buy it and knit with it.  Whatever I knit with it will be one of the priciest items in my shop.  But I promise you, it’s a true luxury yarn that you must wear someday.

Please stop by All Unwound’s Etsy shop and check out these hats.


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8 Responses to Fallen in Love

  1. Edi says:

    The colors are beautiful and I bet it’s as soft as you say! I hope you can find more to work with 🙂

  2. LeAnn says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the purple!

  3. Times three: love the purple! It’s so vibrant! It would make an eye-catching hat….

  4. Sher says:

    Love the bright colors! My daughter would going nuts over that bright purple.

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