Walking Update For July

New sneakers for all the steps I plan to take over the next six months!

I used my pedometer every day the first couple of weeks in July. Every night I wrote down my steps for the day. For July 1st through July 14th  my average number of steps per day is 8,465!

Of course I think I was unusually active for these two weeks. I also still think my pedometer is overly generous in counting my steps. However, as I said before it’s knowing that I’m increasing my steps that counts.  I have walked much more in July than I did in January.

On July 15th I walked around for half the day without my pedometer and then had a very lazy 2nd half to the day.  I followed that up spending the next day sitting in doctor’s offices.  Those two days should bring the last two weeks of July down to reality!  😉

The second part of July I averaged 7,272 steps per day
So that makes my Average Daily Steps for the month of July 7,869!!!

In “New Years Resolutions June Update” I said that if my lifestyle easily got me to 7,000 steps I’d up my goal to 7,500.  Since I averaged 7,869 steps per day for the month of July I’ve raised my goal to 8,000 average steps per day for the month of August.

It’s an ambitious goal but it will motivate me to take extra steps whenever I can.  😀


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6 Responses to Walking Update For July

  1. Edi says:

    Congrats on exceeding your goal! You’re already on your way to meeting your new goal 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    That’s a great idea to wear the pedometer all day. I never thought to do that. I use a GPS walker only for my walks. It tells me the length of time I was moving, stopped, the speed, and the distance. It does have me competing against myself to go longer and faster on my walks, but I don’t use it all day or walk every day. I sit too much and wearing the pedometer would motivate me to move more during the day.

  3. Sher says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so glad I saw this right before I get on the elliptical! My husband recently bought me one that I wear and it syncs with a program on my computer. He always asks me if I’ve been wearing it and I keep forgetting. I just now pulled it out of my drawer. I’m going to put it on and wear it all day.

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