Hanging Pictures with Fewer Holes in the Wall

I’ve had a pair of pictures sitting around waiting to be hung for quite a while.  Since they are a pair I wanted to hang them on the same wall, either one on top of the other or side by side.

Once I decided to hang them side by side I needed to figure out where to put the nails.  Simple you say?  Not if you want your pictures to be both straight and  hung at the same height.  This process usually means several unwanted holes in my walls. 😉

Pinterest picture hanging

Two pieces of painter’s tape, both the same length.

My solution was a tip I had pinned on Pinterest.  The tip was for measuring from hole to hole on the back of pictures.  My pictures don’t have holes.  But I used this tip to space the two nails for each picture evenly.  That way the photos hang evenly.  I used two pieces of tape that were the same length.

First I measured the wall and found the center.  Then I placed each piece of tape approximately a half inch from the center of the wall.  The towel rack below the pictures is used daily, so I left enough space between the towel rack and the bottom of the pictures for a towel to be used without hitting the pictures.

Pinterest picture hanging

The first picture is up! Since the tape was horizontal the picture is straight.


My pictures are both at the same height and are even rather than slanted. 🙂 I prefer the two pictures with the scallop picture hanging on the right.  So I hung it on the left since I usually view this wall in the mirror and presto the scallop picture is on the right!

Pinterest tip picture hanging

Hung straight and even with a minimum number of nail holes!




Even thought I changed this Pinterest Tip it worked very well.  If you use this tip, remember to use painter’s tape that peels away from the wall leaving the paint on the wall!  Check out other Household Tips I’ve pinned by visiting that board on my Pinterest account.


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7 Responses to Hanging Pictures with Fewer Holes in the Wall

  1. Joan Dukore says:

    Great tip. I always have a problem with hanging pictures so they look right.


  2. Edi says:

    What a clever idea! I usually offset my photos because I can never get them straight, but this looks like it works great!

  3. I’m so glad I saw this tip BEFORE we started hanging our pictures this weekend! We just painted our new house, and I have been dreading putting pictures up for that very reason. Thanks for saving my walls!

    • All Unwound says:

      You’re welcome! Be sure to use the painter’s tape that leaves the paint on the wall! This is a great way to have fun hanging pictures instead of stressing about nail holes.

  4. storybeader says:

    looks great! At our museum, we use one side of velcro and staple it into our textured walls. Then the other side of the velcro is put on the photo board. It’s easy since we attach our text and photos to pressed board (forget the technical term of the board) {:-Deb

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