Rummage Sale Finds

Today I have a few special purchases to share with you.  I enjoy shopping at junk stores and thrift stores but I get the best finds at rummage sales.  I’d forgotten just how good this particular sale is.  I went knowing that I needed a couple of things but found some extras as well!

One silver pitcher was a gift the other came from the rummage sale

My “extras” were very good finds.  I got the smaller silver pitcher as a gift many years ago.  I don’t own anything else that matches it and it never really fit in anywhere.  As soon as I saw the other pitcher I knew it was a match.  It was sitting there on a table full of silver plate and I ignored all of the other items and reached right for it.  Now that I have two of them I can admire their shapes and the slightly different curves to their handles.  They aren’t exact duplicates, but compliment each other well.  I may even polish the tarnish off before I set them on display!

Ceramic pot signed on the bottom

The second item I purchased was this ceramic wheel thrown pot.  I really like the colors and the swirls in the glaze.  They remind me of the beach.  It’s signed on the bottom, but I don’t recognize the potter.  Maybe someone bought it on vacation.  I’ve already put it to use storing some knitting needles.

My husband bought a bike that only needed a few fixes and has been riding it for two or three miles most days.

Finding affordable unexpected items is part of the fun of rummage sales! How about you, do you enjoy thrift stores, junk stores, or rummage sales?


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3 Responses to Rummage Sale Finds

  1. Edi says:

    Great buys..I love that ceramic pot! I love a good rummage sale and wish we had more thrift stores in my area.

  2. I love any kind of secondhand shopping. Garage sales, thrift stores, estate sales, etc. You found some great stuff!

  3. All Unwound says:

    Thanks! Maybe next year I won’t have a list of “must buys” and I’ll get to spend more time looking for “special purchases!” 😀

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