Refreshing my Planters

This year I kept the Lantana that bloomed so nicely last year. Last year the deer had a feast every time the plants got big.  This year the deer left the plants alone and the Lantana became overgrown.  I wasn’t in the habit of trimming them!  So they got really leggy.

Lantana Planter Flowers Pots Gardening

In full bloom!

Fall has arrived and the weather has finally cooled off.  It’s time to refresh my pots! I planned on keeping the Lantanas, which are perennial here, and just trimming them back.  Unfortunately they are just too overgrown.  If I cut them back to the right size they wouldn’t have any leaves left.

Look at how pot bound this Lantana is! The roots even go out the bottom of the pot and into the ground.

While at our local family owned Nursery I found several plants to add to my pots. Dusty Miller or Lambs Ears is a wonderful foliage plant.  As long as it’s kept trimmed it won’t flower.  Alyssum is a bright green with very small but sweet smelling white flowers.  While it enjoys sun and rain it doesn’t do well in scorching heat.  I’m hoping Fall will be kind to it.

Lantana Planter Flowers Pots Gardening Dusty Miller Salvia

After taking out the Lantana there was plenty of room

For color I added in Salvia Farinacea, it’s got leaves with a tinge of silver and blooms that bud silver while the flowers are blue.  This silver/blue plant combination is a bit understated and would be great supporting plants if I’d kept the brilliant multicolored Lantanas.  I’m hoping these plants will do well together.  Dusty Miller and the Alyssum do well in this climate.  I haven’t tried Saliva Farinacea here before.

The spiky grass plant at the center of each pot has served me well for two years.  Now that the leggy Lantanas have been removed the grass plants stand out, almost like architectural features.  I also changed the location of the pots so that they pop against the backdrop of my home.

Lantana Planter Flowers Pots Gardening Dusty Miller Salvia Geranium


Since I changed my plan I had to go back to the Nursery and pick out a colorful plant to add to the mix.  Here is the finished planter.  I found some fuchsia Geraniums and I think they are a stand out color.  What do you think of my choices?  Are you making any changes to your landscape now that Fall is here?

Check out the interactive USDA Plant Hardiness Map to see if you can grown the plants I’m growing!  Or talk to someone at your locally owned Nursery.


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6 Responses to Refreshing my Planters

  1. Wendy says:

    I like the new look. Have you seen my planters on the side porch. Time to replant them as well

  2. LeAnn says:

    Beautiful arrangement. No planters in my neck of the woods this time of year. The frost is on the punkin’.

  3. Edi says:

    These look great! I love the mixture you added to your planter! I hope to add burning bushes to the front of our house some day. It’s been so great seeing them change this fall!

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