Sign of the Times?

Panera Bread Baking Soon Sign Progress Orange Trees

This Panera sign has been taunting me for months!

I’ve heard that commercial construction is on the rise.  But this sign has been up for about 6 months and no building has been started.

I hope that my city, Panera and the economy work out their differences.  Once they get this Panera built I’ll be a regular customer.

Panera’s  salads are a healthier fast food choice I’d like to be able to make!


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4 Responses to Sign of the Times?

  1. LeAnn says:

    Love Panera Bread — their black bean soup and salads are terrific.

  2. Edi Royer says:

    I LOVE Panera! I wish we had one where I live too. I hope you get one soon 🙂

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