Rustic But Not Country

Christmas Decor Welsh Cupboard Wreath

Wreaths in a new spot.

That’s how I’d describe my decorating style. Rustic has some chunky items and some exposed wood. But not the painted cow bells and pink wooden items that were around in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

I’ve done a bit more Christmas decorating this month. Remember how much I liked my entry table’s Christmas decor last year?  I took  my own advice for this year.

While I’m sure that we all have decorations that we enjoy using year after year, I’ve made a few changes this year.  I usually put these mini wreaths in the dinning room.  This year I put them on a Welsh Cupboard in the living room.  The Welsh Cupboard is a rustic family piece.

Christmas Decor Welsh Cupboard

A close up!

The flash makes the wreaths look a bit pink.  Not so to the naked eye.  The crystallized berries are reflecting the light differently than the uncoated ones.  They bring a bit of iciness into my decor.

Have you used any of your holiday decorations in a new way this year?


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2 Responses to Rustic But Not Country

  1. Duni says:

    Ooh, that wreath is so pretty! I love the crystallized berries 🙂 I’ve used a hanging ornament as a napkin ring 😉

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