Creating a New Cowl Pattern

MadelineTosh Vintage Fathom

Look at that luscious blue color!

Cowls are a type of scarf.  Sometimes called Gators/Gaitors or Endless Scarves they pull on over your head and you never have to worry about them falling off or unwinding.  No bulky scarf ends to fit under your jacket either!

This cowl is being knit with a lovely yarn I received as a gift, MadelineTosh Vintage, in the color Fathom.  It’s dark blue but not as dark as navy and the hand dyed yarn has subtle color variations that give the color depth.

Remember the scarf I designed in Rowan Tobacco Tweed, and the many stitch patterns and variations I tried before happily settling on the pattern?  Because I’m happy with that scarf I decided that this yarn would become a cowl.

Wave Stitch Design Swatch

See the results of different needle sizes and different increases?

Designing Scarves and Cowls does require many choices.  I go into detail in this post, Creating New Scarf Patterns.  As you can see from my design swatch I’ve tried several different sized needles and varied the stitch.  This cowl will be knit in my own variation of the wave stitch.

Click on the photo to the right to see a larger version of the design swatch using different needle sizes and stitch variations.

Designing a cowl pattern is similar to designing scarf patterns.  A width and length must be decided on.  In addition, if the cowl will be knit in the round the stitch pattern must be converted.

Knit Tip:  Remember, the right side of the work is always facing you when you knit in the round.  Wrong side stitches that are purled in flat knitting become knit stitches in the round.

Design Swatch Wave Stitch up close

Close up!

This close up shows the wave stitch variation I plan on knitting.  I’ll knit it in a slightly larger needle size than the needles used in the top of the swatch.


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2 Responses to Creating a New Cowl Pattern

  1. What a beautiful color! And I like the wave stitch style as well!

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